Just a Few Thoughts....

          I’ve met so many amazing and insightful people over the years with whom I’ve had many great conversations, some of which I will always remember.  I want to write for a few minutes about a few other types of memorable conversations, however.

            What made these conversations memorable had little to do with personalities, mutual interests, or really anything of the sort.  My speech impediment was the dominating culprit. One time, in an effort to be friendly, I asked someone an open-ended question. Their reply: Yes. I think back to that instance every so often. Talk about an awkward encounter. This person obviously didn’t understand my speech – at all -, I knew this person did understand my speech -at all -, and I felt pressure to say something in reply.  This individual perhaps felt the same tension.

            My speech impediment typically doesn’t bode well in groups. It’s slower than average. I can’t pronounce words in the same way that most people do. It takes intention to listen to me. And we’re in a society where listening is becoming a rare commodity. Some people fight to even look at me because it’s hard to see and deal with the uneasiness of the conversation.

            In this new year, don’t be afraid of difficult conversations with the Lord. In the fast pace of your days, expect the Lord to slow you down. He wants you to hear – really hear – what He’s saying. Don’t turn your face because you know the conversation will be uneasy.

            Listen. Maybe you’ll be afraid to ask for clarification. The Lord, however, isn’t afraid of questions. You won’t hurt His feelings. Maybe, for the sake of time and ease, you’ll be inclined to assume that you know what He’ll be telling you. This, more than likely, will only hinder subsequent communication with Him.

            The Lord is good, and He wants to His children to be unafraid to come to Him. Don’t allow the uneasiness of moments to keep you from hearing what He’ll speak into your life.